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Meet the Teacher

Picture of Gemile Fleming

Gemile Fleming

Counseling Connection

Welcome to Adams Elementary’s Counseling Connection; where you learn about your Counselor, Mrs. Fleming, and all the services/resources that she provides.

It is our goal at Adams to help your students grow academically, socially and emotionally. We want them to have fun and believe an approach to the whole student will better prepare them for their educational journey and life. We also realize the family is an important influence in their life and want to come along side of their parents/guardians and give them the help and resources they need to support and nourish their child so they can succeed in school.

What you need to know about your School Counselor

My name is Gemile Fleming and I grew up right here in Colorado Springs and in District 11.  I am a registered psychotherapist with a Masters Degree in Counseling and Human Services and a Bachelors degree in Applied Psychology.  I have worked with elementary and middle school students as a School Counselor for over 14 years now in Colorado Springs and was awarded the Colorado Counselor of the Year in 2018.

Personally, I have 7 adult children, 1 beautiful 5 year-old daughter, two amazing dogs and a wonderful husband (who I first met while a student at Palmer High School).  My experience has given me unique insight into the unique challenges your child may face in their ongoing school journey. My passion lies in helping students and their families traverse all the obstacles in their lives and experience hope and growth through it all.

What you need to know about what Mrs. Fleming does for Adams Elementary School

Counseling Lessons- Each week, your student(s) will see Mrs. Fleming in the classrooms helping kids to better understand the many social/emotional challenges they face and how to better interact with one another on a social/emotional level.  She gives them powerful and practical tools to help them relate to and work with their fellow students and teachers.

Individual Counseling- At times students may face pain, loss or conflict that they need guidance from a caring adult.  It may be the loss of a family member, a conflict with another student or they might be just having a bad day.  Mrs. Fleming reaches out to those students in their time of need and helps them walk through either the healing process or the resolution of the conflict.

Counseling Groups- Students have more than just their age in common.  At times, it may be necessary to work with a group of students that share a particular challenge, circumstance or trait.  Mrs. Fleming weekly works with these students to bring hope to their circumstance. She gives them a sense of belonging and perspective to where they are and the road they must travel. 

Resources- Over the years as a School Counselor, Mrs. Fleming has experienced a host of difficult circumstances and knows well the resources that are available for families.  Whether the family needs additional counseling, food and clothing, financial aid, a place to stay, or other social resources, Mrs. Fleming knows who and where to go.  Click here for a list of resources available to you.

Student-Led “Committees”- Each year opportunities arise where student leaders become selected to overcome a challenge or encourage positive change.  These “committees” are formed to be a force for change and model student leadership to the other students.   Attendance Committee, Kindness Committee, and Super-Hero Committee are just a few examples of some successful student-led change groups in the past.    

How to get in touch with your Counselor

Your student and your needs are of upmost importance to me and I want to respond as quickly as I can.  Please call my office number at (719) 328-2907 to set up an appointment to meet or to discuss your particular circumstances.  You can also email me at If I do not answer right away you can be assured I will get back to you as soon as possible.


The Summer Slide: 4 Practical Steps to Help Your Student

When Students return to school after Summer break, teachers expect them to have lost some of the knowledge that they gained the previous school year.  This is what is called the “Summer Slide”.  Ongoing educational interaction is not typically a top priority for families during the summer and each student is affected differently. Studies show that the summer slide can place students as much as three months behind their peers when they return to school.  Those students that have continued to engage in educational activities, reading, and continued parental engagement are far less affected by this phenomenon.  However, the reality is that this is not the case for most students.

If you are reading this, your student is probably already back in school and struggling a bit to get “back in the saddle” of learning and structure.  Here are a few steps you can take to help the transition go better for your student:

  • Be engaged. Studies show that your influence in their life is critical for their academic growth.  Don’t rely solely on the teacher to guide them educationally. Take them to the library and let them read to you.  Go to the dollar store and get some fun interactive books they can color and learn from.  Turn off the video games and choose from a host of learning activities that challenge their young brains.
  • Partner with your teacher. Reach out to your teacher and get a pulse of where your student’s academic level lies.  Also, ask their teacher how you might help your student get back to where they were.  This partnership could lead to further growth and future success in avoiding the Summer Slide.
  • Be creative. Though reading a book is the most obvious way to encourage ongoing growth it is not the only way. There are games that help students learn and grow. Card games, interactive videos, at-home activities and local field trips are all ways for your student to enjoy learning and can be done all year long.
  • Be consistent. Motivating your student to learn can be a struggle but your consistent positivity and persistence will win out in the end.  There will be good days and bad days for your student…don’t give up.  Many times we get frustrated when our students don’t respond and believe that is the way it will always be. That is not the case!  You may have to vary what you do or just take a break for a day, but they will eventually come around and enjoy the plans you have for them.

Summer Slide is a reality for all students.  However, it does not have to negatively impact your student’s educational success.  Your teacher understands this phenomenon very well and works with all the students at the beginning of the year to counter the learning gap.  They appreciate those families that partner with them in providing out-of-school learning opportunities to their students.  If you have any questions or need ideas, don’t hesitate to reach out to Mrs. Fleming or your students teacher on how to help this important transition. 


At-Home Activiies:

Card Games:

Free Audio Books:



Colorado Springs Housing Authority     (719)387-6700                                                                        

*Housing and rental assistance, vouchers and programs

Community Development Division (CDD)   (719)385-5912                                                                  

*manages HUD funds, perseves affordable housing and homelessness prevention

Family Life Services   (719)632-4661    

*Single mothers

Family Promise of Colorado Springs Interfaith Hospitality Network     (719) 329-1244                    

*Clean and sober tempory shelter assistance, housing advocacy for families with children

Greccio Housing     (719)475-1422   

*Rental assitance for families and individuals

Homeward Pikes Peak     (719)473-5557                                                                                                

*Housing support for individuals, families, pregnant and new mothers in treatment recovery programs

Mary's Home     (719)301-5411    

*Single mother-led families

Mercy’s Gate (719)277-7470 

*Community referrals, utility, rent/mortgage assistance, transportation, holiday support

Partner's in Housing-Myron Stratton Home    (719)473-8890                                                    

*Transitional housing, support services for families

Spring's Rescue Mission     (719)632-1822 

*Shelter support, inividuals 18 and up

The Salvation Army R.J. Montgomery Center    (719)578-9190                                                      

*Families, shelter, rent, mortgage and utility assistance

The Place     daytime: (719)630-3223     after hours:  (719)205-7129                                                   

*Support for youth ages 15-20 impacted by homelessness

Westside Cares     (719)389-0759

*Community referrals, rent, mortgage, utility assistance, transportation


AHAVAH Community Initiative     (719)233-7828  

*Offers donated  memberships to local CSA programs

Care and Share     719-528-1247

*Providing food, partnering opportunities, and education to fight hunger and food insecurity

Catholic Charities: Marion House Kitchen     14 W. Bijou COS 80903    

*Hot, balanced meals daily

Catholic Charities Market Place     (719)866-6288    

*Food pantry by appointment only

Catholic Charities Family Connections     (719)578-1222    

*Assistance with food benefits, baby formula, baby food

Colorado PEAK  (719) 520-7276

* SNAP food benefits

Crossfire Ministries     (719)447-1806 

*No cost groceries

Divine Redeemer Food Pantry  (719)635-5559

*Open 2 days per month, call for details

Mercy's Gate     (719)277-7470

*Community referrals, food support, seasonal holiday support

Salvation Army     (719)636-3891  

*Free food pantry

Sanctuary Church Food Pantry      (719)634-7232 

*Open 1st and 3rd Saturday each month, 1-3 pm

Spring's Rescue Mission     (719)632-1822 

*Food support individuals 18 and up

Westside Cares     (719)389-0759 

*Pantry-multiple locations, weekly hot meals, hygiene items

WIC Programs-El Paso County Health     (719)578-3199 

*Option 6